Bill Roden

The Roden family has been a part of the north woods border country since 1938 when J.J. Roden brought his family on vacation to Yate’s Resort on Lake Kabetogama from St. Paul, Minnesota. Soon after, J.J.’s son Jack became a popular guide in the area as he knew how to find lots of fish and all the bars. Today, Jack’s son Bill Roden is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captain, a single and multi-engine instrument pilot, a full service guide and Park Ranger in Voyageurs National Park and lives to fish and snowmobile. Whether you want to enjoy a winter snowmobile trip across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula west to Idaho, experience an autumn 4 wheeler trek across Michigan and Wisconsin’s Lake Superior shoreline or explore, fish and tour the boundary waters of Minnesota in the summer or winter, Bill will make a detailed plan for you that will guarantee a great time and experience regardless of your previous outdoor knowledge.

Ultimate Pro Guide Experience - Full day all inclusive package for up to 4 people, shore lunch, logo wear, sample tackle and tackle box. $1000 plus fuel and bait, half day available
(Lake Kabetogama, Namakan, Rainy Lake, Crane Lake, Sand Point)

Phil Hart

For many years Phil has been the owner of Gateway General Store which is situated near the entrance to the Kabetogama Visitor’s Center in Voyageur’s National Park. Being fully licensed to guide inside the park along with his intimate knowledge of the park’s waters makes Phil an excellent choice as a guide for summer or ice fishing.

$500 per day plus fuel and bait, half day option
(Lake Kabetogama, Namakan, Rainy Lake)

Jim Trandel

Jim Trandel is an outstanding fishing and hunting guide. Both he and his brother Bob grew up in Chicago and spent all of their spare time fishing the Great Lakes and hunting large and small game. In the late 70’s Bob purchased a resort on Lake Kabetogama and Jim and Bob quit their Illinois jobs and became full time guides in Minnesota. To say they were competitive would be an understatement. Whether fishing, hunting or shooting pool neither one was a good loser. Jim is a nationally recognized wildlife artist and splits his time between Minnesota and Montana. From Fort Peck Reservoir, Montana to Lake of the Woods, Minnesota, Jim is the man. And he can cook.

$600 per day plus fuel and bait
(Lake of the Woods and other Minnesota and Montana inland lakes)

Nick & Charlie Kosinksi

In spite of their ages, Nick and Charlie are experienced hunters and fishermen. Growing up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and looking for fish and game from Alaska to the Turks and Caicos have earned them reputations for being skilled and successful outdoorsmen. If it moves and is not human it is not safe around Nick or Charlie.

$500 per day plus fuel and bait
(Lake Superior and fly fishing rivers in Michigan's Upper Peninsula)

Mike Williams

If you want to catch fish on Rainy Lake, Mike is the guide for you. He bases at the Thunderbird Lodge about 10 miles east of International Falls, Minnesota. Mike grew up at the Kettle Falls Hotel and knows where to find fish on both sides of the border. Mike knows the water, the people and the history of the Rainy Lake area and will tell you a few stories to prove it.

$600 per day plus fuel and bait, half day option
(Rainy Lake)

Grant Gustafson

The solidarity of operating a Canadian outpost fishing camp 20 miles from the nearest road leaves plenty of time to hone your fishing skills. Since 1983 Grant has been guiding on the waters of Rainy Lake and Namakan to Nestor Falls, Morrison and Sioux Falls on Lake of the Woods. Regardless of the season Grant can help you find the fish and show you how to catch them.

$500 per day plus fuel and bait, half day option.
(Canadian waters of Rainy Lake and Lake of the Woods)