Summer Services

Fishing Guide

The boundary water lakes area is a wild place; tricky water navigation routes, granite shelves just inches under the water surface, imaginary international border lines, unusual and changing fishing license rules and regulation and unpredictable weather. This, all spread out over thousands of miles of rugged shoreline and islands that all seem to look alike when you are trying to find your way. That endless mystery and excitement in this vast beautiful water wonderland is just some of what draws visitors back again and again; or scares them away forever.

Our decades of day-in, day-out wilderness experience combined with first class equipment means you will enjoy everything there is to do during your fishing trip in Voyageurs National Park or any of the U.S / Canadian border lakes and rivers.

Although we can never predict a good bite during your particular guide trip, we will guarantee lots of fun and a memorable experience. And whether you use our services for a day or a week you will also be guaranteed to leave with a better knowledge of the area, a feel for the best methods and places to catch those elusive trophies on your own and a good understanding of the boundary waters rules and regulations.

We are always happy to help those new to fishing select the correct equipment and bait, point out good places to fish and demonstrate the technic that will improve your chances of catching that "big one".

Sightseeing Tours

Since 1938 someone in our family has been inviting friends to get in the boat and show them a bit of the lake. The people and the boats have changed but the lakes are still the same. To this day there is nothing more fun for me than to entertain new folks to the area by showing them around and sharing some of the history and beauty of the boundary lakes region.

Wildlife, scenery, historical places; it is all here waiting for you. Whether you want take photos at sunset or have a picnic lunch on a deserted island we can plan a unique, memorable trip for you.

Half, full or multi-day tours including accommodations are available.

Aircraft Tours / Fly-in Fishing

A private air tour is always an exciting and efficient way to see the most area in the least amount of time. We can arrange a trip at your convenience.

A unique fly-in fishing trip can be an experience accomplished in some cases with as short as a 20 minute flight. If "getting away from it all" is your goal you will love the fly-in fishing experience.

These trips are of course weather dependent.

Water Taxi / Shuttle Service

We can provide rides for passengers and cargo to remote cabins and lodges, houseboats, hiking trail heads and camp sites.

Boat Charter / Rental

Whether you want to take 50 friends out for a sunset cruise or need a one man kayak for a 2 night camping trip we can help arrange the transportation.

Houseboat Support

Food, fuel, ice, tools, parts, batteries, generator, doctor, nurse or beer; you never know what you will run out of or need while touring in your houseboat. Call us for fast help.

Barge Delivery Service

If you have a large piece of construction equipment, building materials or dock and breakwater sections that need to be moved, we can make it happen. Give us a call for a quote.

Camping / Canoe / Kayak Guide

The Border Country has some of the most remote and pristine land and water areas in America to explore. Regardless of the season camping is a great way to not only see but to experience these areas.

Whether a rookie or a veteran outdoors person we can help with every aspect of planning your adventure.

ATV Tours

Spring and fall ATV tours are becoming more and more popular all the time. With new laws allowing ATVs to operate on many public highways and trail systems people now plan week long trips that can cover 100s of miles.

We can recommend dates, routes, schedules, hotel and camping sites and equipment to make your trip a success.

Towing / Emergency Locate and Rescue

Stuff happens. When it does we are here to help.

Winter Services

Ice Fishing Guide

We always look forward to winter. Ice fishing is a cult; a way of life. Sharing the fun with folks new to the area is always fun. We can help make all the arrangements to guarantee a great time and memorable experience.

Snowmobile Tour Guide

In Border Country we have 9 months of winter and 3 months of bad sledding. Snow is fragile and we cherish it. Whether you want a 1 day outing or a 2 week tour we will help make all the arrangements including schedule, routes, equipment, clothing, accommodations, fuel, meals and entertainment.

Dog Sled Guide

Mushers love the Border Country. We have experienced staff that know what you are looking for regarding trails, snow conditions, elevation, cover and services. Give us a call.

Snow Plowing

Positioning your ice shack is sometimes a challenge. We are here to help.


Boats, Ice Houses, Snowmobiles, ATVs, Snowcats, Barges and Float Planes


Please contact us directly at 218.324.2430 for an estimate for any of our services.If we have a general understanding of your goals and expectations for your trip we can help tailor a plan that will meet or exceed your expectations. Some general information required to create a quote are:

  • Number of people in your party?
  • Number of days and dates you will require our services?
  • Will we provide all equipment or part of the equipment necessary?
  • Will we need to arrange overnight accommodations or meals?
  • Will we need to assist you with licensing and permits?